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9 Jun 2021

I am in paradise here

(30’07, english subtitles) direction : Gérald Assouline

When artists lead the dance, at the nursing home Les Solambres.

This movie is the final step of a long run project (2016 - 2019) « At Les Solambres, sharing culture », concluded by an artists residency, carried out jointly by artists, voluntary residents and professionals, at the mutualist nursing home EHPAD Les Solambres, La Terrasse (Isère county).

3 Sep 2019

I tell myself stories

(37’17, ST en anglais) director : Gérald Assouline

This work is an outcome of a long run project called "In Les Solambres, culture in all its forms", carried out jointly by a group of artists, voluntary residents et care professionals, at the pension house Les Solambres (La Terrasse, 38, France).
It accompanies six women residents in their daily life, stimulated by collective cultural activities and in parallel in their intimacy shared partially with the author

10 Jul 2015

Franck, from Solid’Action, goes to a hosting family

This film tells the recent story of Franck, worker and resident at Solid’Action, Jardin de Cocagne, located in Saint Hilaire du Touvet, near Grenoble.
After 4 years spent in Solid’Action, it is envisaged that Franck will settle at Mme Dupoux, his new hosting family.
But things do not happen as planned…

2 Jul 2015

A moving encounter at Les Solambres

The European network Care and Culture staid in Les Solambres, house for elderly people, at La Terrasse (38660). An experimental workshop has been carried out with residents and some professionals, dealing with music, dance and drawing.
This exprience showed that such a diversity of cultural practices allowed a bigger number of residents to get involved and live intense emotions, as reflected in our movie
« A moving encounter at Les Solambres ».

25 Jan 2015

My hands, they still could do something

This film is based on words collecting carried out with the residents of the Residence for elderly people, Les Solambres, at La Terrasse (38) and photos done within a programme of photo workshops which happens every 3 weeks, for several years. Most of those residents suffer from Alzheimer disease. Paroles par l’Image is part of a European project Care and Culture (Gruntvig programme)which aims at stimulating the sharing of experiences among partners involved in the development of culture practices in care places, like pension houses.

18 Jun 2014

My little Vietnam

In the frame of the European project 2Wards Europe (Gruntvig programme), Paroles par l’Image investigated in Lot et Garonne, at Sainte Livrade, where, from 1956, French civilians of Indochina, have been parked in a camp, after being forced to leave Indochina, as a consequence of the French defeat (1954).
Civilian victims of the colonial war in Indochina, those French citizens of Indochina, talk today of their uprooting and their adaptation to a country they did not know.
Authors: Théo Michel Béchet and Victoria Michaud. Duration: 15’10

29 Apr 2014

Each one has his place at Bellechambre

Accompanying Bellechambre Farm residents at work (38, Sainte Marie du Mont)

DVD, 37’08, 2014

Maker: Paroles par l’Image

1 Oct 2013

Life trajectories Triandines (Cognin, 73)

33’11, 2013

Horticulture workers and their technicians take the word in Les Triandines, social inclusion horticultural farm and, member of Cocagne national network(in Cognin, Savoie county).

Auteur réalisateur : Gérald Assouline
Production : Réseau ASTRA Rhône Alpes (

31 May 2013

No age

An immersion in a pension house, for people suffering suffering from Alzheimer disease, located at La Terrasse, near Grenoble.
Another exploration of the relation between photography and cinema.

12 Dec 2012

For me, it’s a farm ...

DVD - 15’40" 2012

Christelle, Christian and Claire, teenagers with disabilities, participated in a photo workshop, tutored by Gerald Assouline, at Fabienne Garderet social and therapeutic farm La Ferme d’Antan (Isère county).