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What do you keep in your mobile phone ?

Object of intimacy, mobile phone became an indispensable device for young people (80% of 12-17 years old own a mobile phone, August 2006).

Without being a proper intimate diary, it can be considered as a « secret box », whcih would contain love messages, photos…This dimension « secret box » concerns especially teenagers : 43% of 11 – 17 years old youngsters would refuse their parents to access their sms and images kept in their mobile phone, because of the personal and confidential content. This intimatge and confidential aspect would justify a strong attachment to the phone.

From that observation, the two non for profit associations Territoires de Fictions and Paroles par L’image / Wording through Imaging propose to groups of teenagers to transcend the usage of the photos kept in their phone and involve them in a creative process.

Within creative workshops, youngsters will be invited to transform their vision into art creation, backing upon observation of reality, reflection or ideas. In group or individually, they will create POMs (little multimedia œuvres) reflecting the project they will have carried out.