Our dreams, from Baltics to Balkans

Overall objectives

The project will stimulate sensibilisation and development of cultural and artistic practices of young people (13 – 18 years old) in the field of image production, as a component of non formal education. The adoption of a common theme to be explored visually, Our Dreams, will facilitate and frame the inter-cultural dialogue, necessary in Europe, on diversity and identities, from Baltics to Balkans.

Specific objectives

This joint initiative is focused on supporting the production and communication of images, with other groups of young European people living in France (Grenoble), Estonia (Tallinn), Czech Republic (Ostrava), Germany (Berlin) and Bosnia (Sarajevo). A process of artistic creation will result from the gaze on individual and collective lives, past, present and future. It will talk of individual and collective identities.

This dialogue among participants will aim at thinking collectively cultural diversity and differences as a possible pillar of Europe still to be built by / for young citizens. Collective and / or individual visual stories will tell about young people and their worlds.


One major principle is that all activities will be carried out on a parallel way in each pole and will cross each other during and between exchange sessions (joint workshops, residencies, internet). The work will be carried out with / by groups of 10 to 12 young people (13 – 18 years old). In each country, professional artists will work with young people together with professional animators of art – culture – social institutions participating in Our dreams project.
Expected image productions will be based on photos, videos from filming, videos from photos, photos from videos, photo collages.

Territories and partners

Berlin/Germany The Regional Centre for Education, Integration and Democracy – RAA Berlin
It is a promotion agency for democratic school development and intercultural projects. As agency for the development of a civil society it stimulates the interaction between school, youth and social work.
Grenoble area/France : “Wording through Imaging”
I non for profit organisation, set up in 2007. It aims at encouraging visual art practices for social questioning, by individuals and groups who can’t take the word easily. The project will be carried out with a network of social and cultural organisations.
Ostrava/Czech Republic : D-KLUB Ostrava
This NGO develops outdoor activities for adult and youngsters and is active in the frame of multiculturalism and artistic activities. It is located in an industrial deprived region, of mines and steel production, with an important sedentary Roma population, cumulating social, cultural, economic problems such population suffers in many Eastern countries.
Sarajevo/Bosnia : SOS SOCIAL CENTER "HermannGmeiner"
Its main goal is to offer a safe environment for educative, creative, preventive and social development for children and youth between 3 and 19 years old. It organizes creative art workshops.
Tallinn/Estonia : Sally Art Studio
A non profit organisation located in Tallinn and
founded in 1991. The studio runs a school for 200 children and young. The centre has
developed progressive models of teaching visual arts, emphasising social and environmental aspects and using experimental methods and art forms.