The Image Caravan


The Caravan is a touring photo studio. It allows the encounter between artists and inhabitants, through the possibility offered to people to exhibit themselves to others, by self-portraiting. Life places expose themselves in the diversity of their human identities. This initiative can be developed on a multi-year process, gradual, systematic, and can contribute to make emerge a sensitive , human inventory of a territory.
In some places, like medium sized towns, the Caravan can also sensibilize and initiate people to visual practices .

In 2009, the Caravan will circulate in the region Rhône Alpes, on Gresivaudan territory (Isère county).
To do so, the project gets the support of Youth and Sport Agency, Isère County and Intercommunality of Gresivaudan.

For the next years, The Image Caravan will pass through other territories of the region Rhône Alpes and also elsewhere in Europe.

The restitution to inhabitants happen on different ways :

  • Prints are offered to participants,
  • Photos are shown, where they have been done, during cultural events and in dedicated cultural places.

A backstage documentary work (photo, video, publication) on the experience will be done. It will capture noises, words and images which will witness the process and the people. A film will be projected in the places where the Caravan will have passed.

The project will back upon local cultural partners experience, knowledge of the territory and modes of usage.

Movies (4 films)

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video Les Solambres

DVD - 9mn

The Image Caravan at ... the residence for the elderly Solambres
38660 - La Terrase

video Ferme Thérapeutique de Bellechambre

DVD - 16mn

The Image Caravan at ... l’Espace Paul Jargot
38660 - Sainte Marie du Mont

video Espace Paul Jargot

DVD - 12mn

The Image Caravan at ... l’Espace Paul Jargot
38920 - Crolles