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Video Infos film Projet
Réalisation : Gerald Assouline DVD, 2015, 35’05 Pas de sous-titres

video Franck, from Solid’Action, goes to a hosting family

This film tells the recent story of Franck, worker and resident at Solid’Action, Jardin de Cocagne, located in Saint Hilaire du Touvet, near Grenoble.

Film "Franck, from Solid’Action, goes to a hosting family"
By Laura Kuusk, DVD, 19’30

video A moving encounter at Les Solambres

The European network Care and Culture staid in Les Solambres, house for elderly people, at La Terrasse (38660). An experimental workshop has been carried out with residents and some professionals, dealing with music, dance and drawing.

Film "A moving encounter at Les Solambres"
DVD - 14'17 - 2014

video My hands, they still could do something

New film, made of residents words, collected at Les Solambres pension house (La Terrasse, France)
and photos done by residents during a yearly photo workshop.

DVD - 15'10 - 2014

video My little Vietnam

Memories of conflict: civilians talk of their life after the French defeat in Indochina.

Memories of conflicts in Europe (The project 2Wards Europe)
DVD - 37'08 - 2014

video Each one has his place at Bellechambre

Accompanying Bellechambre Farm residents at work (38, Sainte Marie du Mont)